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Become Europe’s leading basketball manager!

Train your team to european top league! It depends on you if you start in a small league or manage a top team from the very beginning. As manager and trainer in one person you lead your basketball team with tactical know how and negotiating skills (sponsoring) to the top of the rankings. It’s up to you to earn sucess or loss. Get ready for this challenge!

Hot, hotter, Ice-Hockey!

Lead, manage and train your favourite club to international success! It’s up to you how hard your team has to train, which players manage to join the cadre and which sponsors will be your partners during the seasons. Your tactical know how and experience in negotiation decide about win or loss on the ice court.

Enjoy your time in floodlight!

Manage your time wisely and be part of the virtual football world. Train and manage your team to the top of the league. Intuitive controls and a detailled special designed skill profile offer an amazing management simulation!
Finalize your tactics, control the statistics, maintain and enlarge your stadium and earn the respect of your team. Authentic rules, 3D graphics and thrilling sounds guarantee the perfect football feeling. 

Handball management at its best!

Mange your favourite club and enjoy the amazing presentation, gamefun and modern gameplay! The line-up of your team belongs to your hands. Your know how and feeling decides about win or loss. Send your team out for trainingscamps or increase the bonus and motivate your guys for unbelieveable performances. Maintain and enlarge your hall, negotiate with advertisingpartners and if everything runs smoothly enjoy your international fame.

Timber! Get ready for the ultimate logging fun!

This game takes you to the forest where you will control huge machinery, fell trees with the harvester, load and unload vehicles and fullfill various tasks of a logging expert! Great phyisics and tricky quests guarantee a longlasting gamefun!

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